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Operational Excellence

19 January 2020 | Manama | Register

High performance is cultural as well as technical. This course will use an operational excellence model, measurement and bench marking tools to enable participants to establish priorities and decide upon improvement techni…Read More

Basic Civil Engineering

19 January 2020 | Manama | Register

This highly interactive 5 day course uses solution driven case studies to develop the cross-discipline knowledge of Static, Inspection and Maintenance Engineers in the area of civil design and construction methods.
Read More

Making Good Decisions

26 January 2020 | Manama | Register

This course aligns decision making with the opportunities and risks we are responsible for. Providing a structured method to map process to risk and opportunity, identify gaps, and balance value with investment to guide go…Read More

Introduction to the Petroleum Industry

02 February 2020 | Dubai | Register

Reducing our carbon footprint will transform the 55 trillion US dollars petroleum industry. Oil and gas supplies around half of the world’s energy demand that continues to increase. How do we meet demanding a carbon-cons…Read More

Petroleum Refining 101

03 February 2020 | Manama | Register
09 February 2020 | Dubai | Register

Need to have a greater understanding of refining processing for business or investment purposes? This insightful course will provide participants with an overview of modern and sophisticated petroleum refi…Read More

Practical Reliability Engineering

09 February 2020 | Dubai | Register
16 February 2020 | Manama | Register

What does your facility need to focus on to minimize risk and maximize profit? This course focuses in on the practical outcomes reliability engineering should deliver.

Introduction to Project Management

09 February 2020 | Dubai | Register

What makes a project a project? What makes Project Management different from other types of management?
Project Management may have a lot in common with general management, but it is a fundament…Read More

Introduction to Project Controls

16 February 2020 | Manama | Register

A project with no control is out of control! Learn why good project controls is such a critical part of your career, project and organizational success. Whether you are a new Project Manager, Project Cont…Read More

Cost Control in Exploration and Production Projects

29 March 2020 | Dubai | Register
05 April 2020 | Manama | Register

Do you find that your projects are consistently in cost recovery mode? Or do you and your team ask yourself if you’ve made the right cost investment in the project that you have bid for? What happens when there is a scop…Read More

7 Impactful Traits of Leadership Excellence

15 June 2020 | Manama | Register
22 June 2020 | Dubai | Register

Are your leaders, future-ready? Let this course take you on a journey about understanding yourself intrinsically and translate your strengths and approaches in a way that helps you communicate with and in…Read More

Practical Process Safety

29 June 2020 | Manama | Register
05 July 2020 | Dubai | Register

Driving you and your organization toward safer industry practice. By increasing your fundamental knowledge, this 5 day program, aims to demystify process safety principles for leaders and managers. Using a…Read More

Process Control

12 July 2020 | Dubai | Register
19 July 2020 | Manama | Register

Theory is one thing practice is another. From PID to model-based techniques, academic process control doesn’t get to grips with process dynamics and how to match and tune the right control technique for the process. We d…Read More

Flow Assurance

16 August 2020 | Manama | Register

Understand the major problems associated with flow assurance, such as wax, emulsion, scales and hydrates and how to address these problems on a day to day basis. What’s special about this course is that we combined our e…Read More

Offshore Oil and Gas Processing

18 August 2020 | Manama | Register

Using WorleyParsons’s vast knowledge and experience, this course provides in-depth technical knowledge of offshore Oil & Gas processes and design considerations to provide Process/Facilities/Operating engineers with indu…Read More

Effective Communication for Leaders

01 September 2020 | Manama | Register

Communicate with clarity, build trust and get results. Supercharge your communication and influence skills with the tools needed to express yourself clearly, listen with empathy, and act with purpose to bu…Read More