Accounting & DD&A Basics

This course focuses on instructing “what is different in the Accounting of Oil and Gas companies?” The course is designed for non-Accounting professionals which have significant intera.... Read More

Alignment of Goals

Participants in this course will discuss common pitfalls resulting from a misalignment of goals internally and externally. Real problem cases from participants which are most common at their workp.... Read More

Annual Planning Cycle & Requirements

Participants will learn how the overall organization or its smaller divisions control and forecast their business activity and financials, using annual planning cycles including activity assumption.... Read More

Authority, Control & Reporting

Participants will learn how different Governance issues impact the business, and how that translates into authorities granted by the company, and which controls and reporting are required on a regu.... Read More

Business Law & Contracts

The course participant will learn the basic concepts and requirements involved in Contracts and the further application of Business Law in their business. Various contract types will be discussed.... Read More

Commercial Considerations

Participants in this course will look at a broad array of options for contracting large and small equipment and services. Positives and negatives of each will be discussed, including Project, Oper.... Read More

Contract Management

Participants in this course will take a deep dive into the world of contracts management. Various tools and activities will be introduced which aid the participant in understanding their contract,.... Read More

Cost Control

The course participant will take a deep dive into the Cost Control segment of an operations Planning Cycle, whereby assumptions and predictions are regularly questioned and analyzed, variances repo.... Read More

Decision Process and Methodologies

This course teaches the participant the basic principles of Decision Quality Management as it is applied in the Oil & Gas industry. Participants learn the use of Framing techniques, uncertai.... Read More

Drilling Inputs & KPIs

The course participant will learn what common KPI’s are applied in Drilling, and then discuss the key business and operational levers which most directly influence performance and how to appl.... Read More

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