Additive Manufacturing – Innovation with 3D Printing

Become the expert on Additive Manufacturing in your organisation. This course will fast track your understanding of additive manufacturing (AM), its possibilities and limitations. You will learn t.... Read More

Advanced Process Control

This course has been prepared to build on the concepts of process dynamics explored in our Process Control course. This course gives a practical introduction to the application of advanced control .... Read More

Alumina Processing Fundamentals

Engagement in this course will enable plant process personnel to make better and timelier process decisions, leading to reduced production loss opportunities and reduced material consumption. .... Read More

An Overview of Deepwater Riser Engineering

This course discusses the fundamentals of deepwater riser engineering. Various types of riser systems used in deep water fields will be discussed, including factors that drive concept selection. An.... Read More

Application of International Building Codes including IBC, IFC & IPC

Upon completion of this course, the Participant will be able to: Understand provisions of International Codes and their implications. Understand methodology of Application of Codes to.... Read More

Basic Civil Engineering

This highly interactive 5 day course uses solution driven case studies to develop the cross-discipline knowledge of Static, Inspection and Maintenance Engineers in the area of civil design and cons.... Read More

Basic Principles of Fluid Flow

Many of the principles behind compression and pumps are similar allowing the courses to be combined into a week programme on fluid flow, which also includes positive displacement pumps. People atte.... Read More

Basic Steps For Preparation Of Piping Line Classes

Establish Basic Material basis, CA, design conditions (P&T) & other requirements. Selecting suitable Pipe class as per Aramco Standard (SAES-L-105) Select Piping material, Rat.... Read More

Combined Cycle Power Plant Program

the cycle configuration and thermodynamics introduce the major mechanical equipment using artist renderings, photographs and sketches plant performance and environmental impact .... Read More

Control and Operation of Industrial Turbines

As part of this highly specialized course, using dynamic simulation models, participants will receive hands on training that will help them make better decisions in the operation and maintenance of.... Read More

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