Contaminated Land and Water, Spills, Waste Management

An overview 101 course on contaminated land and water, spills and waste management. .... Read More

Environmental Aspects

You will explore in detail both local and global environmental issues, and how your company can reduce its contribution to these problems and learn to identify activities, products and services tha.... Read More

Environmental Impact Assessments

This detailed and advanced EIA training course provides a practical overview of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and its requirements. .... Read More

Environmental Liabilities Assessment

Learn how to manage environmental risks and liabilities in an asset and integrate this with the environmental management of the company. How to apply specific methodologies for the analysis, evalua.... Read More

Environmental Management Systems and Monitoring

A full course looking at environmental management systems, their use cases, implementation and benefits including environmental monitoring. .... Read More

Gaining Project Approvals and a Social Licence to Operate – a guide to Chinese companies developing projects outside China

An introduction to regulator and stakeholder engagement for Chinese companies looking developing projects outside China .... Read More

Introduction to Environmental Basics

The course is our basic 5 day introduction to environmental basics for new entrants into the discipline. .... Read More

Introduction to Safety Instrumentation (ESD Systems, C&Es and F&G)

We are overwhelmed with HSE focus on slips, trips and falls. Technical safety is harder and far less attention is given to technical safety. This course aims to make technical safety easy to unders.... Read More

Introduction to Waste to energy (WtE)

This seminar is designed for technical staff, project managers, project engineers and for those who have not previously worked on WtE technologies. It is an introductory course that will provide in.... Read More

Project HSE Management

Want to be more successful in front-end loading the HSE deliverables on your project? Project HSE Management is a key element to successful project execution, but is often overlooked as a relativel.... Read More

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