Introduction to Concentrated Solar Power

This course includes 11 modules of training and an applied business case delivered during one week. The program starts with an introduction of the CSP technology from the first plants until todays .... Read More

Introduction to Energy Storage

This course covers both the reason for the need for storage and an overview of storage technologies, including batteries, flywheels, super-condensers, flow batteries, compressed air energy storage,.... Read More

Introduction to PV technology

This seminar is designed for technical staff, project managers, project engineers and for those who have not previously worked on photovoltaic technologies. It is an introductory course that will p.... Read More

Wind Energy Basics

This is intended to be a 2-day course for those interested on knowing how a wind energy project is envisaged, from concept to basic design. It will provide a high level knowledge about the wind far.... Read More

Wind Energy High Intermediate

This is intended to be a 2-day course for those interested on broadening the initial knowledge acquired through Wind Energy Basics. It will be focused on how a wind project is technically develope.... Read More