Configuration and Change Management

This course is designed to provide for a detailed understanding of how to manage different types of changes and control configuration of structures, systems and components (SSC) of a nuclear facili.... Read More

Integrated management system for nuclear installations

Provides for a detailed understanding of the IAEA Safety Requirements GSR Part 2 and the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively design and implement a process based integrated management sys.... Read More

Integrated Project Management System for Nuclear New Build Projects

Learn the benefits of applying an Integrated Management Systems on your nuclear project. This course takes you through the steps of designing, implementing, assessing and continually improving an i.... Read More

Project management system for nuclear new build

Provides for an understanding and knowledge of how a management system could be designed for nuclear new build project integrating requirements of applicable standards: IAEA Safety Requirements GSR.... Read More

Quality Assurance and Non-Conformity Management

The early establishment and implementation of a quality assurance system/programme for a nuclear facility are essential for its safe operation or for a nuclear project for its successful realisatio.... Read More

Safety Culture and its self-assessment

Provides for an understanding of the IAEA concept of the Safety Culture and its main attributes and how to create a climate of trust and openness in nuclear organization. It also covers methods and.... Read More

Self-Assessments and Improvements

The course is a comprehensive and stimulating training material designed to develop a wide and practical knowledge of concepts and methods of self-assessment at different levels in an organisation .... Read More

Use of Experience and Lessons Learned in Nuclear Industry

Nowadays significant learning is often made during NPP operation and maintenance while many important lessons arise during new nuclear construction projects. This course is designed to provid.... Read More