Developing a Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Methodology (Practitioner level)

Shape the future of your shutdown, turnarounds and outages in your organizations by defining a S.T.O methodology that fits your organization and meets current industry best practice. Turnarou.... Read More

Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery

This course covered sour water strippers, Amine units, sulfur recovery, Tail gas treating units as well as Sulphur degassing units. Design and operation features will be explained in detail, includ.... Read More

Maintenance Excellence

This 5-day in depth course will give perspective on how to view maintenance as a business proposition. We directly relate maintenance activity to increased production, allowing everybody to underst.... Read More

Marine Structures Inspection Procedures, Condition Assessment, and Rehabilitation

A detailed presentation aimed at industrial or commercial port operators and maintenance engineers covering: Typical modes of deterioration and damage for various materials and construction .... Read More

Operational Excellence

High performance is cultural as well as technical. This course will use an operational excellence model, measurement and bench marking tools to enable participants to establish priorities and decid.... Read More

Operations, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Decommissioning

This course provides the technical training and consulting for operating the field, maintaining operation and decommissioning the equipment. The curriculum covers the subsea system operations (oil .... Read More

Practical Reliability Engineering

What does your facility need to focus on to minimize risk and maximize profit? This course focuses in on the practical outcomes reliability engineering should deliver. .... Read More

The role of the Turnaround Supervisor

Do your teams realize the importance of optimal efficiency during the execution of Turnarounds? This highly interactive course is designed to provide existing and aspiring Turnaround Supervis.... Read More