Contracts for Non-legal Professionals

The course provides a high-level overview of contracting principles and protocols. Intended for people who may benefit from a better understanding of the contracting process, the training .... Read More

Contracts Management – From Strategy Development to Contract Closeout/Claims Settlement

Curriculum addresses the full contract management lifecycle with a focus on supporting risk management, cost control and contractor compliance. Information is presented in user-friendly terms and p.... Read More

Cost/Price Analysis and Total Cost

In this training session we will focus on the Cost, Price Analysis and Total Cost of Ownership(TCO). Knowledge and implementation of TCO is a key element for the successful completion of any proje.... Read More

Strategic Procurement and Supply Part 1

In this training session we will focus on global procurement and supply chain management and simplified strategies to meet the goals. The management skills and strategies learned in this session wi.... Read More

Strategic Procurement and Supply Part 2

In todays world when it is hard for professionals to keep track of each password they need for every program, our determination is to make things simpler for our audience. In this training course o.... Read More

Supplier Relationship Management

In todays market, certain suppliers have positioned themselves such that buyers do not have much of choices to purchase certain items. It is of utmost importance that management of supplier relatio.... Read More