Alumina Processing Fundamentals


Outstanding Features

Engagement in this course will enable plant process personnel to make better and timelier process decisions, leading to reduced production loss opportunities and reduced material consumption.

Our global expert will provide a processing overview for technical and production personnel involved in running and optimizing the processing functions in an alumina refinery.

Course Overview

The course aims to provide participants with an understanding of materials used in the Bayer process, Bayer process chemistry, typical Bayer process unit operations and their impacts, appreciation of key product quality parameters and their impact on downstream smelting operations.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at refinery personnel who are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of the Bayer Process.It is recommended for junior process engineers and supervisors, with little or no alumina refinery experience.

You Will Learn How to

  • Develop an understanding of Bayer Process fundamental chemistry and its creation

  • Develop an understanding of common unit operations in Bayer plants

  • Develop an understanding of how operating practices impact on Bayer plant performance

  • Develop an appreciation of how product alumina quality variations impact on downstream smelter performance


Birth of the Bayer Process (history)Bauxite to Alumina Processing Overview:

  • Bauxite Minerals and their Impacts

  • Plant Liquor Chemistry Basics

  • Digestion – Alumina Extraction

  • Clarification – Residue Separation

  • Precipitation

  • Classification and Filtration

  • Calcination Impurity Management

  • Water Management

  • Product Quality

  • Cleaning Practices

  • Additives

Course Details

Day 1

  • What is Alumina?Bayer Process Fundamentals Key Cost Drivers

Day 2

  • Bauxite Processing Functions Bauxite Key Parameter Impacts Residue Processing

Day 3

  • Hydrate Production Calcination Energy Processes

Day 4

  • Water Balance Additives

Day 5 

  • Troubleshooting Common Process Calculations

Course Length

5 Days

Course Director

Jock Armstrong


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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