Basic Civil Engineering



Outstanding Features

This highly interactive five day course uses solution driven case studies to develop the cross-discipline knowledge of static, inspection and maintenance engineers in the area of civil design and construction methods.

Course Overview

The Basic Civil Engineering course has been developed to provide Static, Inspection and Maintenance Engineers with a fundamental knowledge of civil design and construction methods that will assist them in their normal work and help them identify problems that they may encounter. The course uses highly interactive, solution driven case studies to enhance learning.

The course will include 12 modules over the five days which will introduce participants to the various elements covered. Modules will be delivered by tutorial style worked examples with assessment at the end of each module to ensure that concepts have been grasped before proceeding to the next element.

Target Audience

This course is highly suitable for graduate engineers who are looking to get a practical understanding of civil engineering. Mechanical inspection and static engineers are also highly recommended to attend.

You Will Learn How to

    • Model material performance
    • Designs are developed
    • Civil Engineers specify design requirements
    • To identify what testing is undertaken to check material properties
    • How to identify common failure types and some rectification methods


  • Introduction
  • Design Structures
  • Soils
  • Civil Aspects of Pipe Design
  • Road Design
  • Materials Testing
  • Specifications
  • Works Inspection
  • Typical Failure Mechanisms and Troubleshooting

Course Details

Day 1 – Design structures introduction, determination of design loads design of steel and concrete structures and fire resistance

Day 2 – Soils foundation types and designs soil settlement

Day 3 – Civil aspects of pipe design sewer design (gravity and pressure). Storm water design underground piping and backfilling

Day 4 – Road design and review of previous elements road design materials testing specifications

Day 5 – Review of previous elements, inspections methods and identification of mechanical failures works inspection methods and guidelines. Examples of typical failure mechanisms and how to identify them

Course Length

5 Days

Course Director

Peter Foley


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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