Commissioning Management


Outstanding Features

Led by our industry expert, Dirk Bosch, this unique 5 day commissioning course covers all the core elements of commissioning, following best practices and principles to enable a successful commissioning methodology utilizing a systematic integrated approach to the processes and procedures.
Realising the change in mind-set – “The Paradigm Shift” of when the commissioning process should be initiated in projects and avoiding the “Green Button Syndrome®”.

Course Overview

The course is all about “Enabling the Miracle”, managing the unexpected during the highest risk period of a project. Focusing on areas such as the transition from construction to operations through the continuous process of changing ownership and proving the operability of the newly constructed facilities.

The key objective of the course is to focus on the application and providing a foundation for execution of tasks by commissioning managers and commissioning engineers.

The course offers an in-depth, structured hands on training, designed for those who need practical tools to use when faced with challenges during the commissioning phases of a project. Avoid the common pitfalls of disregarding pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities until it is too late to implement effectively, increasing time pressures and budget overruns.

Days 1 – 3 of this course provides a theoretical overview of commissioning and continues on to day 4 and 5 which then incorporates this theory into how commissioning is performed within your company.

Target Audience

The Commissioning Management Course is a 5 day intensive course for current or prospective commissioning managers and commissioning engineers. The course may be suitable for anyone working in the commissioning environment, and facing challenges on a current project or preparing for a new project.Intermediate level (for senior plant personnel & project Engineers) to advanced level (for existing or new commissioning engineers and commissioning managers) course duration can be customized for specific requirements by the client. Course can be broken down into different suites to suit the audience and project requirements:

1 day punching / walk-down course for pre-commissioning teams comprising contractor and owner personnel
1 day Introduction to Commissioning course for design engineers, project engineers and project managers

You Will Learn How to

On completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

Recognize and interpret the core elements related to Commissioning.
Demonstrate the ability to implement their newly acquired knowledge to execute the commissioning process and deliverables.
Apply effective commissioning leadership and direction for successful commissioning related to key focus areas, including Front End Loading.


Application of Methodology
Commissioning Philosophy and Execution
Systematization of Systems and Sub-systems
Commissioning Framework Plans
Pre-commissioning Requirements
Walk-downs / Check-outs / Punching
Cleaning, Drying and Cleanliness
Commissioning Requirements
Start-up Requirements
Pre-production Budget
Influence Commissioning requirement in Contract Bids and provide clarity in Bid Evaluations
Handover / Turnover
Commissioning Manual Content
Commissioning Management Tool (CMT)
Group Exercises

Course Details

The Commissioning Course is a systematic approach in executing the commissioning methodology from the Project Conceptual Phase through to the completion of Project Execution Phase:

Day 1

Commissioning Basics Overview

What is Commissioning
The Paradigm Shift
Introduction to a Commissioning Methodology
Commissioning Milestone Theory
Checkout / Walk-down / Punch Process
Mechanical Completion
Commissioning Activities
Group Exercise – Top 10 Steps (Homework)

Day 2

Feedback from Day 1 Group Exercise
Commissioning of Instrumentation & Control Systems
Commissioning of Electrical Facilities
Commissioning Mechanical Equipment & Piping, including :

Rotating Equipment

Reasons for Late Start-up – Group session
Problem Solving during Commissioning and Start-up

Root causes
Safety problems
Team Morale

Commissioning Manager – attributes
Systemisation – Boundary definitions and Systems / Sub-systems breakdown
Group Exercise – Commissioning Risks

Day 3

Commissioning Risk Management
Commissioning Organisation
Manpower Planning
Commissioning Plan & Schedule


Commissioning Pre-production Budget
Commissioning Philosophy & Strategy
Commissioning Execution Plan – scoping
Pre-commissioning Techniques
Loop Checking
Feedback / Lessons shared at World Congresses / Symposiums

Types ofFlushing
Chemical Cleaning
Cleanliness Philosophy

Feedback / Lessons shared at World Congresses / Symposiums

Day 4

Detailed Commissioning Methodology
Performance Tests
Interfaces & SIMOPS
Contracting Strategy and Contractual Requirements
Estimating Costs and Norms
Handover Management
Peer Reviews
Commissioning Contractual Requirements
Licensor Requirements & Responsibilities
Vendors & Contractors
Group Exercise

Day 5

Commissioning Management Tool (CMT)
Intelligent punch inspection tools – hand held tablets
Commissioning Risk Management
Safety in Commissioning
Commissioning Governance
Commissioning Critical Success Factors
Commissioning Readiness Review
Organisation Readiness
Occupational Health & Safety Delegations
Individual exercise

Course Length

5 Days

Course Director

Dirk Bosch


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

Course Schedule

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