Heat Exchangers


Course Overview

To give overview of Heat Exchangers
Introduction to Heat Transfer Fundamentals
Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers
Types of Heat Exchangers
o Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
o Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
o Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
o Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers
o Special Types
? Double Pipe
? Hair Pin
? Helical Baffle, Rod Baffle etc.
o Codes and Mechanical Design
? TEMA, API 660, API 661, API 662 etc.
o Selection of suitable type(s) for particular application (Air Cooling Vs Shell & Tube)
? Compressor After Coolers (S & T direct sea water or tempered water or Air Cooled)
? Sea Water Coolers
o Heat Exchangers Material Selection
o Heat Exchangers Fabrication, Inspection & Testing
Heat Exchangers Enquiries, Bid Evaluations and Post Order Engineering
Example Problems

Course Length


Course Director

Ganesan Viswanathan


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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