Integrated Project Management System for Nuclear New Builds


(Power & Water)

Outstanding Features

    Learn the benefits of applying an Integrated Management Systems on your nuclear project.

    This course takes you through the steps of designing, implementing, assessing and continually improving an integrated management system. Ensure that health, security, quality, environmental and economic, matters are not considered separate to safety issues and your organizational/project objectives are met.

Course Overview

    The participants will undertake a concise tour through the main steps of designing, planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and continually improving organization/project Management System that takes into account lessons drawn from international experience and integrates safety, health, environmental, security, quality, human and organizational factors, societal and economic elements, and is aimed to fulfill safety requirements.

    Participants will understand the general requirements, basic principles, approaches to design management system, processes and their management. They will be capable to use the course information in design and implementation of their own company or project Management System by applying international best practice and IAEA guidance.

Target Audience

    This course is aimed at Leaders, Managers and Management System Specialists, but is also applicable to all employees that need to develop understanding of how the management system shall be established and employed.

You Will Learn How to

    Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply safety requirements to Management Systems
  • Design and implement Management Systems
  • Design Management System processes
  • Apply graded approach
  • Plan Management System documentation development
  • Manage and improve processes
  • Monitor and evaluate Management System
  • Analyze and continually improve Management System effectiveness


  • Overview of the IAEA safety requirements
  • How to design and implement Management System
  • Importance of graded approach application and risk based thinking
  • How to design and document Management System processes
  • How to measure and improve processes
  • How to evaluate and improve Management System

Course Details

    Day 1

    Safety Moment Introduction Why Management System is important?

    Management Systems Standards Evolution IAEA safety requirements for Management System, differences in various Management System standards expectations of interested parties.

    Management System Integration selected approach and the related challenges Leadership and Management Roles and Responsibilities for Management System Policy, goals and objectives of the organization/project Management System model Management tools and methods.

    Day 2

    Safety Moment Management System processes Process map, Process classification Management System description graded approach Management System documentation hierarchy documentation levels, types and purpose measurement of process effectiveness and efficiency Process improvement Management System continuous improvement Q/A.

Course Length

5 Days

Course Director

Hakob Malkhasyan


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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