Introduction to Design of Turret Systems


Course Overview

Introduction, Turret Designs, Turret Comparisons, Pros & Cons, Turret Component Descriptions, Fluid Transfer Systems, Turret Main Bearings, Key Selection Drivers, Turret Design Implications, Industry Players, Rules and Standards, Design & Procurement Documentation, Turret Interfaces, Material Selection, Environmental & Metocean Conditions, Design Criteria & Methodology, Turret Design Main Considerations, Design Loads, Model Testing, Vessel Assessment for Conversion/Integration, Turret Structural Design, Turret Main Bearing Design, Turret Swivel Design, Turret Design Case, Turret System Execution Plan, Procurement and Fabrication Specifications, Turret System Construction and Integration, Testing During/Post Turret Construction and Integration, Offshore Installation Aspects, Turret Maintenance, Turret design coaching

Course Length


Course Director

Laurent Le Berre


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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