Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning and Restoration


Outstanding Features

Looking through the lens of the issues that dominate today’s industry, participants will increase their familiarity with the basic principles of Offshore oil and gas decommissioning and restoration processes. Focus will be on learning from a real world operational point of view, rather than theory.

Course Overview

Starting from little to no knowledge of the processes from planning to execution of an offshore decommissioning project, the course offers a high level perspective of elements such as optioneering, scheduling, budget development, regulatory and stakeholder identification and management. The course covers facility late life, post CoP, maintenance and required systems through to facility removal and disposal and post removal site environmental monitoring for fixed, floating and subsea production and export systems.

Target Audience

This is course is suitable and beneficial for all non-technical and technical alike, along with more experienced people that require a broader understanding of the decommissioning and restoration of offshore oil and gas facilities.

You Will Learn How to

Describe the Decommissioning ProcessExplain the Working Principles of the equipment used to rig down dismantle, remove and transport oil and gas facilities from depleted / uneconomic oil and gas leasesUnderstand the processes related to Facility Late Life Maintenance Identify contributing factors to planning and budgeting development Describe option development and selectionUnderstand environmental impacts Recognize regulatory requirements from around the globeAppreciate the consequences of decommissioning gone wrong


Market Outlook and Global Development
Topside/Jacket Decommissioning Strategy and Planning
FPSO/FSU Decommissioning Strategy and Planning
Subsea Decommissioning
Late Life Maintenance Strategy for Reducing Decommissioning Costs

Course Details

Day 1

Market Outlook & Global Development

What is Decommissioning?
Decommissioning Timeframe and Roadmap
Cost Increases
Alternative Energies

Day 2

Topside/Jacket Decommissioning Strategy and Planning

The $ Phases of Decommissioning
Maintenance Strategy
Offshore Decommissioning Workflow
Operations and Maintenance Framework
Removal Options
Oil and Gas Work Breakdown Structure

Day 3

FPSO/FSU Decommissioning Strategy and planning

FPSO Preparation for Removal
FPSO What are the Issues?
FPSO Strategy
Removal from Field to Final Location
Disposal Gone Wrong

Day 4 (Subsea Decommissioning)

Cost Drivers
Pipeline Cleaning (Pigging)
Leaving Infrastructure, Pipelines, on the Seabed (For / Against)

Removal of Manifolds and Trees
Pipeline Removal
Concrete Coated
Umbilical Removal
Bundle Removal

Design for Decommissioning (D4D)
Lessons Learnt
Opportunities for Technology
Decommissioning Tool Kit
D4D Exercise

Day 5

Late Life Maintenance Strategy for Reducing Decommissioning Costs

Change in Platform Activities During Transition
Change in Work Practices and Attitudes
Platform Requirements and System Requirements
Personnel Issues
Long Term Liability
Skillset of Decommissioning Team

Course Length

5 Days

Course Director

John Cox


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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