Introduction to Project Controls

(Project Management)

Outstanding Features

A project with no control is out of control! Learn why good project controls is such a critical part of your career, project and organizational success. Whether you are a new Project Manager, Project Controller or upcoming Lead Engineer or Supervisor, this highly interactive course will build your competency in controlling projects by gaining in-depth understanding of which tools to use and when. This course will demonstrate how to effectively plan, schedule, monitor, apply cost control measures, forecast while managing risk and change.

Course Overview

This course is an introductory course for those wishing to learn the principles and practice of project controls. It covers the fundamental skills of the discipline and aims to give the student the knowledge required to begin undertaking a project controls role.

Target Audience

It is expected that attendees need to learn about project controls, but no knowledge of project management or prior experience of project management is assumed.

You Will Learn How to

Upon successful completion of this course, you will learn how to:

Explain project basics, including concepts and methods
Clarify the business case, managing scope and requirements
Know your role in identifying and managing internal and external stakeholders
Identify and apply different approaches to Planning
Recognize and explain the difference between planning and scheduling
Explain Breakdown structures and dependencies
Factor in health and safety considerations
Describe and apply cost estimates and budgeting techniques
Explain and apply appropriate scheduling concepts
Apply control and monitoring techniques
Factor in Change management process and outcomes
Connect the importance of project controls with risk management
Apply appropriate record keeping skills and lesson learnt documentation


Business case, managing scope and requirements
Approaches to Planning
The difference between planning and scheduling
Breakdown structures and dependencies
Health and safety considerations
Cost estimates and budgets
Control and monitoring
Change management
Risk management
Handover and closeout
Record keeping and learning

Course Details

Day 1


Projects and project management defined
How a project differs from normal business
Why project management is required
Why project controls are required

The Controls Process

Definition phase
Planning phase
Scheduling phase
Monitoring and control activities
Keeping records
Handover and closeout phase
Review and learning phase

Day 2

Definition Phase

Project familiarization
Project business case
Managing project scope
Managing project requirements
Managing stakeholders

Day 3

Planning Phase

Difference between planning and scheduling
Purpose of and approaches to planning
Budgeting and cost estimating
Project breakdown structures
Health, safety and environmental considerations

Day 4

Scheduling Phase

Different schedule types
Schedule design
Schedule construction
Communicating the schedule
Reviewing the schedule

Day 5

Control & Monitoring Phase

Baselining and reporting
Controlling cost
Managing change
Managing risk

Record Keeping & Learning

Keeping records and document management
Handover & closeout phase
Learning lessons


Computer Planning Systems
Resourcing and other issues

Course Length

3 Days

Course Director

Peter Benton


Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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