Introduction to Project Recovery


(Project Management)

Course Overview

How often have we seen projects fail? When this happens, organisations are often left with reduced value, wasted expenditure, less profit, and tarnished reputation. But failure can be avoided and failing projects can be recovered.

This short introduction will give an overview of why projects fail, a process to recover them and some insights into the issues involved. This session is interactive, discussing a case study and working through a practical exercise.

Target Audience

  • Project managers
  • Project audit/assurance teams
  • PMO staff
  • Project administrators
  • Project engineers
  • Project sponsors

Course Length

2 hours

Course Director

Peter Benton

Graduating in Physics from the University of Bristol, Peter began his career in the oil and gas sector, initially in the mathematical modelling of innovative open-hole wireline tools and developing log interpretation software. This was followed by a period in the field as an operational wireline engineer in the US and Egypt.

Subsequently, Peter held several operational positions around the world in the oil and gas, broadcast and water industries before moving into general departmental management. As part of this, Peter was introduced to the discipline of project management and gradu... Read more


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

Course Schedule

09 Mar 2021 Virtual

Course Details

Start Date: 09 Mar 2021

End Date: 09 Mar 2021

Start Time: 7:00am (London)

End Time: 9:00am (London)

Duration: 2 hours

Instructor: Peter Benton

Location: Virtual

Price: USD 30 (Ex. VAT)