Introduction to SCRUM


Course Overview

Want to learn more about how the SCRUM process could work in your organization? This experiential two-day program takes participants through a practical approach to understanding what is required to introduce Agile work methods and SCRUM into the organization. Topics include Leadership, Agile principles,
SCRUM process and lots of interactive case studies.

The course is targeted at experienced or senior personnel, including Project Engineers, Project Managers and Lead Engineers.

The program will take leaders through what an agile organization looks like, how to help people understand its benefits and what behavior is expected to make it successful. Key agile principles of Minimum viable product and prioritization and flow will also be included during the program.

In learning about the SCRUM process our expert instructor will take participants through the different roles, scrum events and differences with current project execution methods.

Course Length


Course Director

Steef Schouten


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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