Leadership Development for Project Sponsors and Steering Groups

(Management & Leadership)

Outstanding Features

You may be a project sponsor, part of a steering committee, or about to take on such responsibilities for a project, program or portfolio—have you had the opportunity to reflect on what is involved or how effective you are being? The scope of these roles varies widely, but typically means that you have overall accountability for the project and its business objectives on behalf of the Board—the buck stops with you. This 3-day facilitated workshop addresses the key topics of vision, governance, stakeholder management, crisis intervention and leadership behaviors for project directors/managers, project sponsors and senior leaders. Follow up on this core knowledge and understanding is available through coaching sessions to support on-the-job learning.

Course Overview

Using thought provoking articles and case studies, this 3-day program explores the role and contribution of senior management in supporting the successful delivery of project, programs or portfolios.

The program will look at the role and accountabilities of the project sponsor, how the sponsor and steering committee supports projects success, identifying and building trust with stakeholders and influencing and motivating teams.Participants will experience learning through an interactive workshop providing a safe space for reflect and practice development for current or prospective project sponsors and steering group members.Addressing the key topics of vision, governance, stakeholder management, crisis intervention and leadership behaviors with experienced facilitators who have held similar positions and faced these challenges

You Will Learn How to

You will explore how to become more effective in your role and Better understand and have explored the role of a project sponsor in your organisationAssess the stakeholders for your sponsored project and build a networking planIdentify the blocking and enabling strategies needed to be an influential and effective sponsorSupport project success and the broader business relationships


The Project Sponsor

Understanding the role—how does it differ from the Project Manager’s
Exploring what to do, to look for, to ask

Supporting Project Success

Championing the project
Leading in times of uncertainty
Crisis management—when and how to step in
Identification, mapping and analysis
Organisational politics and networking
Influencing and motivating

Stakeholder Relationships

Identification, mapping and analysis
Organisational politics and networking

Building Skills for Sponsors

Influencing and motivating
Power and authority

Course Details

Day 1

Welcome and Introductions
Understanding and exploring the role of the project sponsor
Identifying needs and requirements for project oversight
How is the project sponsor role different – from PM, line manager, account manager, etc
How effective is the sponsor role currently in your organisation?

Day 2

Stakeholder Relationships

Stakeholder relationships – how to create, nurture and call on them
Stakeholder mapping
Building strategic networks of influence
Challenges of building relationships in global, multi-centre projects

Personal skills

Building personal skills for effective project oversight
Leading without authority and in uncertainty!
Blockers and enablers
Influencing for results
Intervention techniques

Day 3

Supporting project success

Bad projects charter…
Recovering failing projects
Intervention techniques

Putting it into practice in your organisation and beyond

Building a project sponsor plan
Areas of personal development
Continuing sharing via this network

Course Length

3 Days

Course Schedule

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