LMS Masterclass (Leadership, Management and Supervisory Masterclass)

(Management & Leadership)

Course Overview

Want to learn how to inspire your teams to be the talent of the future? We will give you the tools to motivate your teams, define team roles, consider the individual styles of leadership, how to make decisions and bring your team on that decision making journey. As a leader, you will learn key communication, coaching, mentoring, team communication, presentation and performance management skills.
Our instructor will take you through and have you analyse what drives individual motivation in your workplace and how to create a pool of motivational incentives to maintain team momentum.
The program is suitable as a talent management programme for graduate entry employees, or newly promoted supervisors across all sectors who need to learn how to develop their own teams.

Course Length


Course Director

Adrian Henson


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

Course Schedule

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