Oil and Gas Processing


Course Overview

This course provides the basic knowledge required to understand the oil and gas processing. The curriculum covers the overview of oil and gas exploration and production (reservoir, seismic, offshore drilling and completions, reservoir drive mechanism, artificial lift, stimulation and improved recovery techniques), oil treatment (bulk liquid separation, emulsions, desalting, stabilization and oil export), gas treatment (hydrates, dehydration, acid gas treatment, liquids recovery, mercury removal and compression), water treatment (produced water treating equipment, system considerations, treatment for water injection), utilities (fuel gas, closed and open drains, compressed air, nitrogen, diesel, fire protection, potable water, sewage treatment) and relief systems (flare and vent system, relief valves, lines sizing, isolation and relief valve installation).

Course Length


Course Director

Hong Kiat Chia


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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