Piping Drawing Development



Outstanding Features

    Need to gain greater insight into the required outputs necessary to develop pipeline drawings?

    This course will deliver an overall understanding of plant layout, including piping, equipment, pipe flow and the mandatory guidelines required for the development of drawings.

Course Overview

    As a member of a piping design team you must have the ability to look at the overall design of the plant or system, which will be delivered to the client. The overall plot plan will be developed based on client requirements and available overall plot size.

    The overall plot plan is the drawing which will show different units in a plant that are required to produce the final output. Consideration must be given for safer operation and maintenance requirements along with the properties of fluids and how they are handled.

    This course will provide an overview of the inputs that are required from other disciplines such as process for flow diagrams and mechanical for equipment drawing of which are required to prepare general arrangement drawings. We will guide attendees in how to generate and develop other major deliverables like Piping plans, isometrics and MTO’s.

Target Audience

    This course is perfect for Graduate Engineers, piping engineers & piping designers with less than 6 years in working experience are encouraged to attend.

You Will Learn How to

    Identify and describe fundamental aspects of an overall plot plan, unit plot plan and facility plot plan develop an overall plot plan, unit plot plan and facility plot plan and know what inputs are required.

    Describe the components of a general arrangement drawing, how it is developed and what are the inputs required, explain what an isometric is, how it is developed and what inputs are required define how Material Take Off is prepared.


  • Development of Overall Plot Plan, Unit Plot Plan and Facility Plot Plan
  • Development of General Arrangement Drawings
  • Development of Isometrics and MTO Preparation
  • How to Develop all Above Said Piping Deliverables with Respect to Design Codes like ASME B31.3, B31.4, & B31.8, HCIS and SAES Requirement

Course Details

    Day 1


  • Definition and Scope of Piping Engineering and Design
  • The importance of Piping Engineering and Design
  • Roles and Responsibility of the Piping Engineer and Designer
  • Plant Layout Fundaments

  • Introducing Different Process Plants
  • Multi-Discipline Involvement
  • Day 2

  • Conceptual Plot Plan Preparation
  • Fundamentals of Developing Overall Plot Plan
  • Input for Developing Overall Plot Plan
  • Design Codes Applicable for Development of Plot Plan and their Application
  • Day 3

  • Fundamentals of Development of Unit Plot Plan
  • Development of General Arrangement (GA) Drawing
  • Day 4

  • Development of Isometric Drawing
  • Concept of 2D/3D Platform in Preparation of Isometric
  • Day 5

  • Preparation Material Take Off (MTO) on Different Stages of Project like 30%, 60% , 90% and IFC

Course Length

5 Days

Course Director

Mohammed Rafiq Vajid Ali


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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