Portfolio Value Leadership

(Engineering, Operations & Maintenance, Project Management)

Course Overview

Managing a portfolio of projects differs from project management, just as managing traffic differs from driving a car.  For leaders who manage portfolios, at least two valid perspectives can comfortably co-exist.


There’s the project perspective, how well do we organize and deliver the entire portfolio of projects?

Then there is the asset perspective: Are we improving the asset fast enough that it can keep up with emerging business commitments?

Aging process facilities require a portfolio of improvements, also known as ‘brownfield projects’. Many locations have a growing backlog of work requests but neither the time nor the money for them all.

This session is aimed at clients and service providers who want more asset improvement sooner, for less.

Target Audience

Project Managers, Budget Managers, Portfolio Managers

Course Length

1 hour

Course Director

Stuart Elliot

Course Schedule

19 Aug 2020

Course Details

Date: 19 Aug 2020

Start Time: 3pm (London)

End Time: 4pm (London)

Duration: 1 hour

Instructor: Stuart Elliot