Quality Assurance and Non-Conformity Management


Course Overview

The early establishment and implementation of a quality assurance system/programme for a nuclear facility are essential for its safe operation or for a nuclear project for its successful realisation.
The Course provides a detailed understanding of the principles and objectives that should be considered as regards safety when establishing both an effective overall quality assurance programme for a nuclear facility and also separate quality assurance programmes for each of the constituent stage of facility life cycle (e.g. siting, design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning).
It ensures achievement of an applied knowledge of how such a quality management system could be designed based on IAEA Safety Requirements GSR Part 2, ISO 9001 or NQA-1standards.
Furthermore, it allows identifying, reviewing and analysing the nonconformity, determining the causes of the nonconformity and defining the opportunities for improvement of items, products and services to meet requirements and expectations, including correcting, preventing or reducing undesired effects and improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Course Length


Course Director

Hakob Malkhasyan


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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