Risk Assessment, Leadership and Cultural Development

(Health, Safety, Environment)

Outstanding Features

Want to create a high performing safety culture in your organization? This course takes you on a journey by combining the knowledge needed in foundational risk assessment with how to actively lead safety processes to achieve a culture of safety in your workplace. Led by one of our industry experts, the course will use practical planning tools and expertly-facilitated exercises.

Course Overview

The challenge in every work environment is to recognize that however good our safety performance is there are underlying pathogens that could result in a major accident and consequently cause harm to our people. This course provides a hands on approach to initially assessing the risks inherent in your workplace activities, how competent leadership is an integral part of health and safety management and more importantly explores ways you can measure, analyze and plan for Health and safety culture improvements.

Using the latest thinking in what delivers safety, attendees will produce highly personalized cultural improvement plans along with their own personal safety charters.

Target Audience

Leaders with some health and safety knowledge that want to
understand safety management better and with the influence to change
organizational behavior. Typically attendees are from middle or senior

You Will Learn How to

Undertake a risk assessment
Understand your role as a safety leader
Have insight into why people do what they do
Develop your own safety culture improvement programme based on tested principles and success factors


Risk Assessment

The nature of hazard
Identifying risks to both health and safety
Understanding likelihood and severity and how they affect risk
Where specific risk assessment formats should be used
Developing suitable control measures
Reviewing a risk assessment – when and how?
Leading Staff Safely

The main UK legislation relating to health and safety, its enforcement and the consequences of breaching the regulations
Health and safety policies and management systems
The role of the manager in risk assessments health and safety inspections, audits, record keeping and safety briefings
Emergency evacuation procedures
Receiving new starters
Monitoring the health, safety and welfare of employees
Requirements for vulnerable groupsReporting and investigating accidents and near missesUnderstanding Safety CultureIntro to Personal Safety LeadershipWhy we need to shift our focus and the 8 cultural shifts requiredThe importance of committed leadershipDeveloping Personal Safety ChartersPlanning a Cultural ChangeAn explanation of Safety Culture MaturityUsing the Cultural Improvement Survey Tool (in the workshop)Understanding how the tool can be used across your organisationReviewing your current culture and developing targets for the short, medium and long termDeveloping your personal plan

Course Details

Day 1Risk Assessment – a practical session introducing the principles of Health and Safety Risk Assessment along with a worked practical example from your business. Discusses the nature and types of risk along with the application of suitable and sufficient control measures.

Day 2 & 3 Leading Staff Safely – a review of the obligations leadership has for leading staff safely and ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements as well as your moral duty of care towards employees.

Day 4 Understanding safety culture – during the day we will discuss what makes people do what they do, understand the leadership and organizational behaviors that effect performance, discuss human performance factors and how to manage them and develop and individual Health and Safety Contract.Day 5 Safety Culture Improvement Planning – using a tried and tested tool investigate your current culture and develop a detailed plan on how to plan for and deliver the cultural change you are looking for.

Course Length

1 Day

Course Director

Steve Marchant


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion
British Safety Council Level 2 Certificate in Risk Assessment (Online Assessment)
British Safety Council Level 2 Certificate in Supervising Staff Safely

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