The Importance of Independent Readiness reviews Practitioner level

(Management & Leadership)

Course Overview

As S.T.O Managers and Supervisors, learn to engage and motivate your teams in the readiness review process through good communication.
This course is designed to help existing and aspiring practitioner level reviewers to understand industry best practice in conducting S.T.O. readiness reviews using effective tools.
Course participants should have sufficient experience of Managing S.T.O. work that they will be capable of recognising areas of concern in relation to readiness progress against the preparations plan, personnel competency, and any threats to the successful delivery to the S.T.O. Participants must be capable of making appropriate recommendations to address any concerns that are identified.
Participants will take part in exercises using appropriate S.T.O. review tools.
The participants will understand how to communicate terms of reference to the S.T.O. teams, undertake a structured review using robust evidence-based practices. The course will cover developing and communicating review reports along with recommendations and follow up.

Course Length


Course Director

Ian McKay


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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