Thermal Power Plant–Performance Optimization Evaluation


(Power & Water)

Outstanding Features

    The course will help participants to advance their knowledge on major aspects of thermal power plant performance optimization, evaluation of equipment performance, developing performance guarantee requirements and conducting plant performance tests to validate guarantees.

    The course will cover pertinent details for both the Combined Cycle (CC) and Conventional (Rankine Cycle) power plants. At the end of the course participants will have a solid understanding of optimization and performance evaluation techniques to apply to the actual projects with confidence.

Course Overview

    This advanced course will walk participants through optimization principles, performance optimization based on system design and operation, equipment performance and performance tests.

Target Audience

    Mechanical Engineer (Minimum 2 years with heat and mass balance and power cycle/BOP experience).

You Will Learn How to

    To gain deep understanding and knowledge on Thermal Power Plants performance optimization and guarantee issues.

    You will learn how to:

    Optimize power plant systems and performance evaluate impacts and optimization on plant costs develop economic benefits to the project and provide recommendation develop equipment performance guarantee requirements to minimize risks on projects provide appropriate inputs to Management for performance guarantees.

    Develop performance testing protocols and procedures evaluate equipment performance during performance testing evaluate plant performance guarantees.


    Optimization Principles: The optimization principles will be demonstrated using commercially available heat mass balance software and other
    approaches. Sample examples will be worked out to verify “what if” impacts on plant performance based on changes in system operating parameters.

    Performance Optimization:This will include system optimization for bid development purpose and will include cycle optimization to include steam/water cycle, air / flue gas system, aux power consumption, cooling system optimization for each type of power plants (CC and; RC) based on commercially
    available software tools.

    Equipment Performance: This will include the procedures for verifying and validating the vendor provided performance for major equipment (gas turbine,steam turbine, HRSG, boiler, condenser/ACC, cooling tower) as well as the approaches to estimate the performance for off-design operating conditions.
    Sample examples from past projects will be provided for this training exercise.

    Performance Tests: This session will include the discussions on applicable codes and standards for conducting performance tests both for individual equipment and over all plant performance and their implementation on actual projects.

    Following the above, a detail training will be provided to develop procedure and guidance to generate various performance correction curves for performance test of combined cycle power plant and steam power plant. Examples will be worked out to verify both the plant performance and major equipment guarantees.

Course Details

    The days below represent eight-hour business working days. The training course will be in two sessions (morning and afternoon) every day as follows:

    Morning session: 4-hour duration with 15 to 20 minutes breaks between each topics for questions and answers. Lunch Break is for 1 hours.

    Afternoon Session: 3 to 4 hours with breaks in between.

    There will be a QA session every day at the end of the day. There will be a meeting every morning starting to discuss the program for that day and the progress from the previous day (if applicable). The trainee will be encouraged to discuss any issues with the mentor as they arise for a resolution.

    Day 1

    (Morning and Afternoon): Optimization principles and hands on exercise with sample examples.

    Day 2

    (Morning and Afternoon): Performance optimization techniques for various systems and aux load consumption.

    Day 3

    (Morning and Afternoon): Equipment performance for guarantee case and off-design cases.

    Day 4

    (Morning and Afternoon): Performance test protocols/ procedure development, conducting performance test, verification/validation of overall plant performance tests and guarantees.

    Day 5

    Morning Session: Recap of the discussions from Days 1-4 courses and QA session.

    Afternoon Session: Test quizzes and wrap up.

Course Length

5 Days

Course Director

Cynthia Manning


Upon completion, you will receive a Worley Academy Certificate of Completion.

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