Twenty-five years nuclear experience (twelve in QA field) gained as engineer, technical and administrative manager in the operation of the Armenian NPP and support organization.

Experience includes: design and implementation of Management System including QMS; measurement, assessment and improvement of Management Systems; leading Company Self assessments and QA audits; development and implementation of management system procedures; development of training materials on Safety Culture, QA audits and Self assessments; provision of training to ANPP personnel on Management System, Quality Assurance, Safety Culture and Self-Assessments; participation in development of Integrated Corrective Action Programme for the Company; development of guidelines, assessment models and criteria for Plant Training System self-assessment; conduct of ANPP Training System and Radiation Safety Management System Self-Assessments; participation in international projects on NPP Operational Safety Enhancement.

Previous experience also includes development of operating schemes of ventilation, heat supply and cooling systems for WWER -1000 type NPPs; review of chemical control results and advise on optimization of water-chemistry to assure safe and reliable operation of primary circuit equipment; supervision of laboratory analysts, coaching and training on chemical analysis advanced techniques; chemical analysis of radioactive media; calibration of chemical measuring devices; execution of chemical analysis.

Training Experience (Projects handled, courses delivered):

2018 “Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015” held by LRQA (Bankya, Bulgaria)
2016 “Operating Experience and Event Analysis” held by Enconet (Metsamor, Armenia)
2016 “NPPs Performance Indicators” held by WANO (Moscow, Russian Federation)
2016 “Nuclear Safety Culture” held by WANO (Moscow, Russian Federation)
2016 “Labor Protection” held by WANO (Metsamor, Armenia)
2016 “Periodic Safety Review Programmes” held by IAEA (Vienna, Austria)
2015 “Developing Improvement Programmes for Safety Culture” held by IAEA (Vienna, Austria)
2014 “Safety Culture” held by Enconet (Metsamor, Armenia)
2014 “Safety Culture” held by WANO (Metsamor, Armenia)
2014 “Leadership and Management for Safety and Safety Culture” held by IAEA (Vienna, Austria)
2014 “Logical Framework Approach for TC Project Design” held by IAEA (Yerevan, Armenia)
2013 “TC Project Design Using the Logical Framework Approach” held by IAEA (Bratislava, Slovakia)
2013 “Improvement of NPP human performance” held by Enconet (Metsamor, Armenia)
2013 “QA approach for non-conformities and their elimination” held by Enconet (Metsamor, Armenia)
2013 “Change management” held by Enconet (Metsamor, Armenia)
2013 “Quality Surveillance and Inspection during NPP Construction” held by IAEA (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2013 “Management System” held by IAEA – FORATOM – 12th Workshop (Vienna, Austria)
2013 “Evolution of the OSART Service over the Last 30 Years” (Busan, Republic of Korea)
2010 “Management Systems” held by IAEA – ANL (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
2009 “Quality Tools and Techniques” held by Charted Quality Institute (London, UK)
2009 “Process Design and Performance Improvement” held by Charted Quality Institute (London, UK)
2008 “QMS Auditor training” held by Armenian NPP (Metsamor, Armenia)
2008 “New training instructors” held by Enconet (Metsamor, Armenia)
2008 “ANPP training system improvement” held by WANO (Metsamor, Armenia)
2007 “Documentation Management” held by AMEC (Dungeness NPP, UK)
2004 “Safety Culture” held by British Energy Nuclear International Company (Knutsford, UK)