Bruhad Buch

For over a decade, Bruhad has consulted with client leaders in the field of leadership coaching, talent and change management. As a Globally Certified Design Thinking Practitioner, Bruhad recognizes that problems are moving targets, and we can help our client solve these problems by transitioning the way we think as leaders. Bruhad has extensive experience in designing instructional strategies, improving processes using differentiated thinking, implementing measurable learning outcomes by facilitating behavioral programs, change management initiatives and succession planning models that augment the talent strategy. He has Trained over 15000 professionals, across all levels of management with a satisfaction index of 92%. His strategies have Augmented Organizational Growth by reducing attrition rates on an average of 3% per annum, by designing career road-maps and deploying appropriate learning & development initiatives using Disruptive Innovation. Organizations, with his help, have reduced 5% of their annual wage bills by designing custom Assessment & Development Center’s that amalgamated with their succession planning models. His success mantra is “You cannot solve today’s problems with Yesterday’s thinking” and with that in mind he redefines the future of leadership through his programs.