Dave is an enthusiastic, highly energized nuclear professional with over 39 years of nuclear experience in a wide range of nuclear roles with increasingly higher areas of responsibilities and leadership. Dave is well respected for his expertise and extensive experience covering a number of nuclear facilities in Canada and Sweden. His ability to exceed on his deliverables makes him a leader in the areas of Training, Health Physics, Radiation Protection, Maintenance, Field Engineering and Work Coordination. Above all else, Dave is a team player that can get things done. Dave is presently the Radiation Protection Training Manager for Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment.

Achievements: Developed and Implemented Radiation Protection Training Academy for Darlington Refurbishment (awarded the Canadian Nuclear Society John S. Hewitt Team Achievement award 2019) and contract Radiation Protection Technicians from Sweden, Finland, England, South Africa, US transferring to Candu Reactor design. First Class of Canadians to complete National Registered Radiation Protection Technologists (NRRPT) Training.

Experience: Manager, Radiation Protection Training, Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment; Manager, Mechanical Maintenance Training, Ontario Power Generation; Health Physics Instructor, Ontario Power Generation; Conventional Safety Trainer, Ontario Power Generation; Health Physics Instructor, Ventenfal Sweden.