Dr. Todoruk is a risk assessment specialist with more than 18 years of post-degree experience in the environmental industry. Her expertise encompasses HSE Management, contaminated sites investigations and numerous aspects of risk assessment, including toxicology and health, and environmental and social impact assessment. Dr. Todoruk’s work at Advisian has included a variety of site assessments, laboratory audits, human health and ecological risk assessments.

She has participated in both field and office components of these projects at a variety of levels, including in roles of technical support, technical director, technical reviewer, principal author, project manager and client manager. Dr. Todoruk has worked on a number of high-profile and high-liability human health and ecological risk assessments. Her work has included human health assessment at a number of high-profile urban sites within regulatory jurisdictions across Canada and the United States, and ecological risk assessments of protected, sensitive and traditional land use areas.

Dr. Todoruk has extensive knowledge of soil vapor sources, migration and intrusion. She is familiar with various types of soil vapor modelling, including assessment of indoor and outdoor air inhalation and identification of vapor sources and migration. She has been involved in numerous soil vapor investigations and has been invited to speak on the topic at several industry events. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in British Columbia and was the conference chair for their annual conference on contaminated sites for five years.

She is currently the practice lead for risk assessment in Orange County, California. Former instructor at University of Northern British Columbia (Introductory Chemistry), Mt. Royal College (Introductory Chemistry), University of Chemistry (Introductory Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry). Delivery of short course on risk management of upstream oil and gas sites as part of annual SABCS professional development workshop. Delivery of training class to HSE division of Takreer refinery. Development of HSE section of Electronic Operating Manual alky plant. Delivery of internal training classes / sessions on various topics. Project manager and/or technical director responsible for mentorship and training of junior staff on a range of projects in areas of contaminated sites investigations, HSE, risk assessment and risk management. Achieved historical high passing rate in introductory chemistry at UNBC. Receipt of recognition from students for excellence in teaching.