Tomás Ostolaza has nearly two decades of experience conducting Environmental Assessments worldwide, including Environmental and Social Impacts, Atmospheric Pollution (Air Dispersion Modelling studies), Noise, Marine Modelling, Meteorological, Air Pollution Effects on Forests, and Due Diligence for several industry sectors. Tomás is experienced at reviewing EIAs and conducting environmental training and workshops related to Air Dispersion, Noise Modelling and Air Quality Assessments for power plants, onshore/offshore exploration and industrial, mining and rail facilities. Tomas has delivered training in the Middle East, Caribbean and Spain. In addition to developing Environmental Risk Assessments and Environmental Risk Management Tools, Tomas has developed air quality assessments (private and public) and is currently managing the Air Quality Management Program for the city of Riyadh (Phase 2).

Tomás has principally worked on studies related to power generation (e.g., gas-fired power plants and renewable projects), oil and gas, mining, gas treatment, LNG, oil and gas-related industries (e.g., methanol, fertilizer and refinery industries), and nuclear power (radiological and non-radiological assessments). He also provides senior review of environmental studies conducted by third parties as Owner’s Engineer support for renewable energy projects in the Middle East and North Africa. Tomas has extensive training experience in the following areas: Air Dispersion and Noise Modelling and Air Quality Assessments (50+ participants) for Power Plants, Onshore/ Offshore Exploration and Industrial, Mining and Rail Facilities. Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments (ESHIAs) and Due Diligence studies (60+ participants) Specific experience conducting training courses related to Air, Noise and Marine Modeling in Spain, Middle East and the Caribbean.