Cost Control in Exploration and Production Projects

05 Apr 2020 | Manama | Register
29 Mar 2020 | Dubai | Register
Do you find that your projects are consistently in cost recovery mode? Or do you and your team ask yourself if you’ve made the right cost investment in the project that you have bid for? What hap.... Read More

Practical Process Safety

29 Jun 2020 | Manama | Register
05 Jul 2020 | Dubai | Register
Driving you and your organization toward safer industry practice. By increasing your fundamental knowledge, this 5 day program, aims to demystify process safety principles for leaders and managers..... Read More

Process Control

19 Jul 2020 | Manama | Register
12 Jul 2020 | Dubai | Register
Theory is one thing practice is another. From PID to model-based techniques, academic process control doesn’t get to grips with process dynamics and how to match and tune the right control techni.... Read More