NEBOSH Announcement

Worley Academy achieves NEBOSH Silver Learning Partner status

As an organization, Worley is strongly committed to its safety, health and wellbeing of its people.

This commitment is underpinned by its ‘Life’ principles and Life Saving Rules, which align to key industry practices in high risk environments.

We support these commitments, which is why we decided to pursue a National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) accreditation. This will also help our clients’, and our clients’ subcontractors, meet the required industry health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards by delivering accredited training programs.

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH is the world’s leading accreditation body for the health and safety industry, providing globally recognized qualifications. All our NEBOSH programs can be delivered to meet our specific clients or subcontractors requirements.

How will NEBOSH training programs help our clients?

Offering NEBOSH training solutions alongside Worley’s proven experience in health and safety will create a unique and insightful learning experience. These programs will help our clients raise their standards and implement recognized process safety management practices – actively contributing to keeping their people and assets safe.

How will a NEBOSH qualification benefit me as an individual?

Our NEBOSH programs will give you the practical skills and knowledge to bring real value to your role. You will be able to recognize HSE requirements, your responsibilities, and contribute to the control of hazards at the facility you work in. A NEBOSH qualification will also help you boost your career prospects as it’s valued by employers globally.

What NEBOSH programs do we offer?

Initially, we have been accredited to deliver the NEBOSH HSE certificate in process safety management.

The training program is based on international standard and management systems, highlighting the importance of safety management expectations in the processes industries. The training program consists of 4 elements:

    • Process Safety Leadership;
    • Management of Process Risk;
    • Process Safety Hazard Control; and
      Fire Protection and Emergency Response

Course attendees are assessed by a 90-minute, 40-question multiple choice examination.

Who is this NEBOSH program for?

This course is ideal for managers, safety representatives, with example roles being; permit to work coordinators, fire engineers, field operators, hazardous materials storage operators, process operation managers, risk control managers, quality engineers, loss prevention staff, hazard and operability study facilitators working in process industries, such as oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals.

It is also ideal for those looking to improve their businesses safety processes and management, or to progress their career within these areas.

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