Additive Manufacturing – Innovation with 3D Printing

Become the expert on Additive Manufacturing in your organisation. This course will fast track your understanding of additive manufacturing (AM), its possibilities and limitations. You will learn t.... Read More

Alumina Fundamentals

Our global expert will provide a broad introduction to the alumina in.... Read More

Basic Civil Engineering

This highly interactive 5 day course uses solution driven case studies to develop the cross-discipline knowledge of Static, Inspection and Maintenance Engineers in the area of civil design and cons.... Read More

Big Data Analysis

This three-day program commences with an introductory overview of the use of big data in the energy sector. As the course unfolds, across the three days, our highly experienced instructors will bal.... Read More

Brownfield Project Management – The Lean Portfolio

Greater asset improvement, in less time for less money.The day offers an energizing mix of theory and practice including two sessions of team-based simulation. Expertly coached by industry renowned.... Read More

Causal Incident Analysis utilizing Tripod Beta

Our accredited expert will provide a broad introduction to Tripod Beta causal analysis and how it will assist an investigation team and the wider organization to learn from incidents. Tripod Beta i.... Read More

Commissioning Management

Led by our industry expert, Dirk Bosch, this unique 5 day commissioning course covers all the core elements of commissioning, following best practices and principles to enable a successful commissi.... Read More

Communicating Effectively in a Remote Environment

11 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Communicating with others underpins almost everything we undertake as individuals both at work and away from work. Let’s take this opportunity to focus on ‘self’ and how we communicate with .... Read More

Cost Control in Exploration and Production Projects

Do you find that your projects are consistently in cost recovery mode? Or do you and your team ask yourself if you’ve made the right cost investment in the project that you have bid for? What hap.... Read More

Digital Enterprise and Asset Management

We imagine a future where asset management and digital enterprise are closely integrated to get the most from the rapid change in technologies. This course navigates through our seemingly com.... Read More

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