Effective Communication for Leaders

Communicate with clarity, build trust and get results. Supercharge your communication and influence skills with the tools needed to express yourself clearly, listen with empathy, and act with purpo.... Read More

Effective Communication in a Remote Working Environment

Communicating with others underpins almost everything we undertake as individuals both at work and away from work.  Let’s take this opportunity to focus on ‘self’ and how we communicate with.... Read More

Effective Networking

01 Jan 1970 | | Register
What do you think of when you hear the word “SUCCESS”? What does it mean to you? Did you know that networking is even more aligned to success than performance? It has been shown many times that.... Read More

Emotional Intelligence – Do You Have It?

Do you love living or working with or for someone that is controlling? Difficult to get on with? Abrasive? Rude? Abrupt? Or maybe you are that person? Daniel Goleman’s extensive research shows th.... Read More

Enterprise Risk Management

Do you want to create a more risk focused culture for your organization? This 5 day in-depth course looks at practical ways you can improve your organization’s perspective on risk, how to use res.... Read More

Incident Investigation and Learning using Tripod Beta

Should incidents be investigated? Where does incident investigation fit in an overall HSE framework? Mark Cowan, our accredited Tripod Beta practitioner and trainer, will give step-by-step instruct.... Read More

Introduction to Air Pollution Management

Take that extra step in to increase your knowledge in controlling the impact air pollution has on your facility. Our industry renowned experts, whom are currently responsible for the Air Quality Ma.... Read More

Introduction to Planning and Scheduling

Want to improve your organization’s productivity and availability? Planning and scheduling is one of the fastest and most effective investments an organization can make. Let our experts show.... Read More

Introduction to Project Controls

A project with no control is out of control! Learn why good project controls is such a critical part of your career, project and organizational success. Whether you are a new Project Manager, Proj.... Read More

Introduction to Project Controls

28 Sep 2020 | Virtual Classroom Virtual | Register
This 16-hour blended learning course will prepare you for an entry level role in project controls. Centred around a simulated project, our highly experienced industry expert, Peter Benton, wi.... Read More

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