Piping Materials

Appropriate material selection is the cornerstone of pressure equipment and piping design, operation and maintenance. The mechanical integrity, safety, and cost-effective operation of plants depend.... Read More

Practical Process Safety

Driving you and your organization toward safer industry practice. By increasing your fundamental knowledge, this 5 day program, aims to demystify process safety principles for leaders and managers..... Read More

Practical Reliability Engineering

What does your facility need to focus on to minimize risk and maximize profit? This course focuses in on the practical outcomes reliability engineering should deliver. .... Read More

Process Control

Theory is one thing practice is another. From PID to model-based techniques, academic process control doesn’t get to grips with process dynamics and how to match and tune the right control techni.... Read More

Project HSE Management

Want to be more successful in front-end loading the HSE deliverables on your project? Project HSE Management is a key element to successful project execution, but is often overlooked as a relativel.... Read More

Project HSE Management in the Design Phase

22 Jul 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Do you need to improve your projects HSE performance outcomes? Project HSE Management is a key element to successful project execution but is often overlooked as a relatively insignificant consider.... Read More

Project Management Practitioner

This intensive 5-day course is aimed at experienced Project Managers whom are looking to take their foundational knowledge of project management to the next level. The course challenges students to.... Read More

Project Schedule Risk Analysis

23 Jul 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Even the simplest of projects has schedule risk…… from just days for a small maintenance project, to months or years for large-scale industrial development.   Schedule delay impacts costs, re.... Read More

Risk Assessment, Leadership and Cultural Development

Want to create a high performing safety culture in your organization? This course takes you on a journey by combining the knowledge needed in foundational risk assessment with how to actively lead .... Read More

Risk Management – What is your appetite for risk?

What is your risk appetite? Risk appetite is the level of risk that an organization is prepared to accept in pursuit of its objectives, before action is deemed necessary to reduce the risk. I.... Read More

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