Emotional Intelligence – Do You Have It?

28 May 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Do you love living or working with or for someone that is controlling? Difficult to get on with? Abrasive? Rude? Abrupt? Or maybe you are that person? Daniel Goleman’s extensive research show.... Read More

Concept Development during pre-FEED

01 Jun 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
This session will provide you with the unique opportunity to tap into the knowledge bank of our expertise in concept development in upstream oil and gas. During this session we will discuss decisio.... Read More

Maintenance – Overhead or Opportunity?

27 May 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Effective management of overheads and opportunities is a foundation for building Business Resilience, critical in today’s business environment. This virtual training session considers whether mai.... Read More

Introduction to Petroleum Refining

27 May 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Would you like to increase your understanding of refining processes? This insightful course will provide participants with an overview of modern and sophisticated petroleum refining processes. It w.... Read More

Project Management Practitioner

This intensive 5-day course is aimed at experienced Project Managers whom are looking to take their foundational knowledge of project management to the next level. The course challenges students to.... Read More

Big Data Analysis

This three-day program commences with an introductory overview of the use of big data in the energy sector. As the course unfolds, across the three days, our highly experienced instructors will bal.... Read More

Leadership Development for Project Sponsors and Steering Groups

You may be a project sponsor, part of a steering committee, or about to take on such responsibilities for a project, program or portfolio—have you had the opportunity to reflect on what is involv.... Read More

Piping Materials

Appropriate material selection is the cornerstone of pressure equipment and piping design, operation and maintenance. The mechanical integrity, safety, and cost-effective operation of plants depend.... Read More

Introduction to Pipeline design and Construction Projects

This pipelines introductory series is led by an industry expert, who will guide participants through a conceptual understanding of pipeline development to abandonment. Bringing together the technic.... Read More

Automatic Process Control

Learn how to communicate with Instrumentation and Process Control professionals as well as select and apply the most common instrumentation and control strategies used in the Process Industry. .... Read More

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