Additive Manufacturing – Innovation with 3D Printing

Become the expert on Additive Manufacturing in your organisation. This course will fast track your understanding of additive manufacturing (AM), its possibilities and limitations. You will learn t.... Read More

Advanced Process Control

This course has been prepared to build on the concepts of process dynamics explored in our Process Control course. This course gives a practical introduction to the application of advanced control .... Read More

Advanced Project Management

This course is the third of three courses in project management. It covers more advanced concepts and techniques than the previous two. It aims to give the student further knowledge in order .... Read More

Alumina Fundamentals

Our global expert will provide a broad introduction to the alumina in.... Read More

Alumina Processing Fundamentals

Engagement in this course will enable plant process personnel to make better and timelier process decisions, leading to reduced.... Read More

An Overview of Deepwater Riser Engineering

This course discusses the fundamentals of deepwater riser engineering. Various types of riser systems used in deep water fields will be discussed, including factors that drive concept selection. An.... Read More

Annual Planning Cycle & Requirements

Participants will learn how the overall organization or its smaller divisions control and forecast their business activity and financials, using annual planning cycles including activity assumption.... Read More

Application of International Building Codes including IBC, IFC & IPC

Upon completion of this course, the Participant will be able to: Understand provisions of International Codes and their implications. Understand methodology of Application of Codes to.... Read More

Asset Information Management for Operating an Asset – Advanced

Same as the basic training but in this training module the focus is on the controls, what standards and guidelines should be in place and how an assurance framework could look like. .... Read More

Asset Information Management for Operating an Asset – Foundation

Given that many assets do not have an accurate view of what is out there in the field many extra costs have to make for example to prepare for a plant change. With good asset information being cruc.... Read More

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