Alumina Processing Fundamentals

Want to learn more about how to reduce production loss opportunities, reduce material consumption and make timelier decisions in an alumina refinery environme.... Read More

Automatic Process Control

Want to become learn more about how to design and implement instrumentation to measure the relevant variables of continuous processes? This course looks at design and implement control systems and .... Read More

Basic Civil Engineering

This highly interactive five day course uses solution driven case studies to develop the cross-discipline knowledge of static, inspection and maintenance engineers in the area of civil design and c.... Read More

Brownfield Project Management-Lean Portfolio

Greater asset improvement, in less time for less money. The day offers an energizing mix of theory and practice including two sessions of team-based simulation. Expertly coached by industry .... Read More

Combined Cycle Power Plant Program

The course will help participants to gain high level knowledge on major aspects of thermal power generation technologies. This will include technology applications, cycle design issues inclu.... Read More

Commissioning Management

Led by our industry expert, Dirk Bosch, this unique 5 day commissioning course covers all the core elements of commissioning, following best practices and principles to enable a successful commissi.... Read More

Cost Control in Exploration and Production Projects

Do you find that your projects are consistently in cost recovery mode? Or do you and your team ask yourself if you’ve made the right cost investment in the project that you have bid for? What hap.... Read More

Developing a S.T.O Methodology for Practitioners

Shape the future of your shutdown, turnarounds and outages in your organizations by defining a S.T.O methodology that fits your organization and meets current industry best practice. Turnar.... Read More

Enterprise Risk Management

Do you want to create a more risk focused culture for your organization? This 5 day in-depth course looks at practical ways you can improve your organization’s perspective on risk, how to use res.... Read More

Flow Assurance

Understand the major problems associated with flow assurance, such as wax, emulsion, scales and hydrates and how to address these problems on a day to day basis. What’s special about this.... Read More

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