Piping Materials

Appropriate material selection is the cornerstone of pressure equipment and piping design, operation and maintenance. The mechanical integrity, safety, and cost-effective operation of .... Read More

Radiation Protection Basics

Understand the Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation in the Workplace. Learn about Radiation Safety Strategies, practices and methods used to minimize your internal and external radiation d.... Read More

Cost Control in Exploration and Production Projects

Do you find that your projects are consistently in cost recovery mode? Or do you and your team ask yourself if you’ve made the right cost investment in the project that you have bid for? What hap.... Read More

Practical Reliability Engineering

What does your facility need to focus on to minimize risk and maximize profit? This course focuses in on the practical outcomes reliability engineering should deliver. .... Read More

Automatic Process Control

Want to become learn more about how to design and implement instrumentation to measure the relevant variables of continuous processes? This course looks at design and implement control systems and .... Read More

Developing a S.T.O Methodology for Practitioners

Shape the future of your shutdown, turnarounds and outages in your organizations by defining a S.T.O methodology that fits your organization and meets current industry best practice. Turnar.... Read More

Project HSE Management

Want to be more successful in front-end loading the HSE deliverables on your project? Project HSE Management is a key element to successful project execution, but is often overlooked as.... Read More

Alumina Processing Fundamentals

Want to learn more about how to reduce production loss opportunities, reduce material consumption and make timelier decisions in an alumina refinery environment? This course is aimed at new .... Read More

Offshore Decommissioning and Restoration

Looking through the lens of the issues that dominate today’s industry, participants will increase their familiarity with the basic principles of Offshore oil and gas decommissioning and restorati.... Read More

Stress Analysis-Caesar-II

Pipe Stress Analysis is an intensive five-day course designed to give a thorough understanding of basic and advanced concepts of piping stress and flexibility analysis as per industry standard.... Read More

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