Business Law & Contracts

The course participant will learn the basic concepts and requirements involved in Contracts and the further application of Business Law in their business. Various contract types will be discussed.... Read More

Causal Incident Analysis utilizing Tripod Beta

Our accredited expert will provide a broad introduction to Tripod Beta causal analysis and how it will assist an investigation team and the wider organization to learn from incidents. Tripod Beta i.... Read More

Codes and Standards

We will help start your thinking on how to be proactive in making the digital way part of your normal business. .... Read More

Combined Cycle Power Plant Program

the cycle configuration and thermodynamics introduce the major mechanical equipment using artist renderings, photographs and sketches plant performance and environmental impact .... Read More

Combined Cycle Power Plant Program

The Course will help participants to gain high level knowledge on major aspects of thermal power generation technologies. This will include technology applications, cycle design issues including pe.... Read More

Commercial Considerations

Participants in this course will look at a broad array of options for contracting large and small equipment and services. Positives and negatives of each will be discussed, including Project, Oper.... Read More

Commissioning Management

Led by our industry expert, Dirk Bosch, this unique 5 day commissioning course covers all the core elements of commissioning, following best practices and principles to enable a successful commissi.... Read More

Communicating Effectively in a Remote Environment

Communicating with others underpins almost everything we undertake as individuals both at work and away from work. Let’s take this opportunity to focus on ‘self’ and how we communicate with o.... Read More

Configuration and Change Management

This course is designed to provide for a detailed understanding of how to manage different types of changes and control configuration of structures, systems and components (SSC) of a nuclear facili.... Read More

Construction Management for Project Managers

This Course is designed for project managers to keep and focus end objective in mind. All deliverables, engineering work packages, construction work packages, contracting strategies and installatio.... Read More

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