Communicating Effectively in a Remote Environment

11 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Communicating with others underpins almost everything we undertake as individuals both at work and away from work. Let’s take this opportunity to focus on ‘self’ and how we communicate with .... Read More

The SECRETS of Risk Management

13 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Have you been along to our Risk Management introductory session? Why not take one step further and go along to our “Secrets of Risk Management” session where all will be revealed as we walk you.... Read More

Self-Management in the Era of Remote Working

18 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
‘Time waits for no one’, we have all heard this phrase before, right?  Need some tips on how to manage your time when working remotely? Need help prioritizing and focusing? This session looks .... Read More

Portfolio Value Leadership

19 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Managing a portfolio of projects differs from project management, just as managing traffic differs from driving a car.  For leaders who manage portfolios, at least two valid perspectives can comfo.... Read More

Training Needs Analysis – Maximizing Return on Investment

20 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
What type of investment mindset does your organization have when it comes to training? Is the focus on cost or business value-add? Has your organization invested heavily using traditional training .... Read More

Project HSE Management in the Design Phase

25 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Do you need to improve your projects HSE performance outcomes? Project HSE Management is a key element to successful project execution but is often overlooked as a relatively insignificant consider.... Read More

Introduction to Project Management

26 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
What do you think of when you hear the word “SUCCESS”? What does it mean to you? Did you know that networking is even more aligned to success than performance? It has been shown many times tha.... Read More

SCRUM Digital and Agile Practices

27 Aug 2020 | Virtual Classroom | Register
Learn more about the successful use of Agile Practices in delivering a project and how it puts more focus on time, effort, and emphasis on flexibility, communication, and transparency between team .... Read More

Introduction to Project Controls

28 Sep 2020 | Virtual Classroom Virtual | Register
This 16-hour blended learning course will prepare you for an entry level role in project controls. Centred around a simulated project, our highly experienced industry expert, Peter Benton, wi.... Read More