Leveraging our extensive and diverse experience in delivering these development programs, our services include performance, learning, training and development needs analysis, competency consulting, content development, eLearning, coaching and certification consultancy. Take a moment to scroll through our consulting services below.

Content Development Training Management Competency Consulting Digital Services

Content Development

Our Academy senior instructional design specialists apply adult learning principles and develop learning strategies to create bespoke learning content.

Through consultation we pin-point the business drivers, learning objectives, core skills and incorporate this with our experiential learning style using visuals, case study review exercises and assessments. Our training content is published in a number of formats from classroom manuals, eLearning and webinars, designed to best meet our client needs.

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Training Management

Managers often feel that they are dealing with training needs reactively and in a random or ad hoc approach.

Perhaps your business, department or project needs some cohesion with managing training activities?

The Academy is highly experienced in mobilizing Training Managers to client site offices, where our first step is to analyze ‘current state’ and align learning needs to business goals. Core to our approach is the implementation of a structured training plan which is informed by performance evaluation, training needs analysis with stakeholders, developing training content and delivery learning solutions.

In delivering learning solutions, our Training Managers are highly skilled in identifying appropriate instructors whether they be internal from your organization or a third-party vendor.

Managing the client’s technologies and ensuring administrative activities are undertaken to track performance progress is key to our offering.

Our Training Management services extend to mentoring, coaching and certification.

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Competency Consulting

The Academy views competency in its totality and sees it as a core component of measuring employee and organisational effectiveness. In our view, competence isn’t just knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of the role; the measurement of competency needs to consider the hazards and characteristics of the equipment they are working with, working practices, and any associated codes of practice and legislation. Competence is also about how an employee reacts to any given situation and what sort of behavioural attributes to apply.

We have expertise in delivery competency consulting across a cross section of industries and job sectors, from craft workers to highly experienced engineers working in complex and high-risk environments.

Our Competency Consultants, meet with our client to define exactly what the gaps are and what they are trying to fulfil, while identifying a topology, detailed framework including job role mapping and industry benchmarks that best fits and future proofs the organisation means of measuring competency.

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Digital Services

The Academy can help unlock the true potential of your organisations Training Department by offering cutting edge digital technology solutions. The team at the Academy recognises that part of retaining knowledge is to make information easily accessible and understood.

Our expertise includes LMS, eLearning, mobile learning, VR, augmented learning and learning systems and processes.

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